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Friday, July 15, 2011

Reunion Day fun filled and productive!

The Fibre Artists gathering at St. Lawrence College July 14th was a terrific opportunity for 12 great friends to get together for the sharing of news, new projects and creative endeavours. The room was filled with colourful fabrics, arts projects and many great books and magazines to have a peek at.

During the day several of the artists were painting fabric using the COLOUR VIE paint system they love to work with, and the hallways of the college just outside our classroom quickly filled with great new backgrounds for futures projects. COLOUR VIE is a very versatile and exciting paint selection for a quick fun day of painting. No stores to visit searching for the perfect colour, just mix it yourself.

Others were piecing quilt blocks, embroidering fabric paintings, creating free motion stitched collages for burning with a heat gun and many tried creating "Stick Dolls" inspired by those made in a workshop with Margi Hennen in London. There were pieces of ribbons, fabrics, yarns and embellishments being shared and used to create dynamic characters. Hoping to see more of the finished dolls at upcoming gatherings. Great fun.

Stories of summer vacations, special projects and upcoming events as well as some art critiquing and small conferences in the corners were happening all through the day. A terrific lunch and time to chat were super parts of the day. Thanks to everyone for participating. Let's do this again - often.