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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Time with a Canadian Icon, Penny Berens is an opportunity not to be missed....

Fibre Artist/Designer/Educator
from Nova Scotia 
May 21 and 22, 2014, Odessa Fairgrounds Hall
Course Fee : $175.00

Penny is a cherished and renowned Canadian Textile Artist and member of the CONNECTIONS FIBRE ARTISTS Group and brings to FIBREWORKS her more than 30 years of experience.

Penny's workshop is certain to excite both new and experienced students. Recognized for her work in both hand and machine stitching, layered and cut collage, dye and paint work, mixed media exploration and surface design, this is one Instructor you will not want to miss.
Her teaching career as a studio artist bringing the best of the best courses to students across Canada and beyond is a testament to her long career and the many awards she has been granted in exhibitions both here and abroad.

The magic of discharge for fibre is a skill that many have coveted studying and Penny is a master. Making sure that her students work in a safe and well ventilated area, Penny will guide students through a number of focused techniques sessions. “It’s so important to take the time to play and not take things too seriously… allow accidents to become an opportunity.”

Students will explore discharge on Black Kona Cotton, (or colours/fabrics of your choice) using both traditional bleach and discharge pastes. Stitching options will be shared for Shibori  results. Exploration of brushed and sponged techniques will take your fabrics to a whole new dimension. Spraying the bleach, exploring the new pastes that add colour back and certainly the over-painting and special dye techniques that fibre artists love will all be a part of the adventure over these two great days with Penny.

This is an experimental workshop, and results can never be guaranteed, but FUN can.

You will have a wonderful two days with Penny as she guides you through her favourite processes and as you take steps away from the fear of using standard home based as well as all new supplies to create dynamic designs on your fabrics. Your classroom samples will be the foundation for hand and machine stitching in future projects. 

A detailed supplies list is shared with registrants in plenty of time to gather supplies needed. The facility will allow both indoor and out of doors space for great ventilation and exploration of many diverse experiments with discharge.  Do know that we are committed to the colouration of fabric  in a safe and comfortable environment at this fun filled workshop. Bring a friend and Come Play!!!

Register early as only 18 lucky students will have this time with Penny.

Visit Penny's TANGLEWOOD THREADS blog for all of the inspiration one body could possibly stand! Her archive of blog posts and photos is so very inspirational.


Alice Vander Vennen offers 2014 Workshops Series in Toronto and her Coburg Studio

I cannot tell you when I have been more inspired or taken on such as successful journey with design than when I spent a weekend with the skilled and student focused artist ALICE VANDER VENNEN at a recent Fibreworks Kingston Weekend Workshop. Alice is devoted to excellence in her art, and the beauty yet simplicity of the textile works combined with the found objects Alice uses so successfully in her compositions is inspired.
Below is a note from Alice about upcoming workshop opportunities for 2014. My advice is to seriously consider making time to be a participant in one of her workshops this year... I will.

Bethany Garner
Fibreworks Coordinator

An Invitation:

With Spring truly just around the corner, we can look forward to new life emerging. What better way to honour that emergence than to create! Seeking to capture that creative spirit, I am pleased to announce three textile art workshops that I have lined up for 2014. As you will see from the attached brochure, one of them is already scheduled for the end of March, in the Distillery District in Toronto. Two more are scheduled for the Fall. I encourage you to book early, as they have filled up quickly in the past.

Here is a brief summary:

"Assembling the Narrative": March 28-30, Toronto

"Assembling Textiles with Found Objects": October 3-4, Cobourg

"The Colour Story": October 31-Nov. 2, Toronto

See the attached brochure for details, and feel free to register here:

Feel free to contact me with any questions!
Yours, Alice

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

VERNISSAGE April 4, 2014, 7-9 pm as the Connections Fibre Artists Open "CELEBRATE THE SEVEN"

‘Celebrate The Seven’ 

Connections Fibre Artists
April 5-June 9, 2014
OPENING RECEPTION, Friday, April 4, 2014
7-9 pm
The art of The Group Of Seven is the central theme of this exhibition. 

The members of Connections Fibre Artists accepted the challenge to design and execute their own original art that reflects their individual research into the artists, the paintings and the styles of the Group of Seven.

Although Tom Thompson died before the group formed, he was the inspiration for, and has always been considered a part of, the formation of The Group Of Seven.

Each member of Connections Fibre Artists has approached this theme from her or his own way ~ either inspired by their own memories of the Canadian landscape, by an emotional response to a particular Group of Seven artist/painting, or by some of the techniques and colour palettes used by these iconic Canadian artists.

The result is an exciting and intriguing exhibition celebrating the approach that Tom Thompson, Lawren Harris, A.Y. Jackson, J.E.H. MacDonald, F.A. Farley, Frank Johnston, Arthur Lismer and Franklin Carmichael took to develop an original Canadian art.
Wellington Road 18 between Fergus and Elora, ON
Connections Fibre Artists

The group was formed in 1999 by a small group of friends whose common bond was the love of stitching as an art form. Their focus was to promote awareness and enjoyment of fibre art through gallery shows. 

Their mandate was ‘Experience, Experimentation, Expression’. 

We combine our Experience with Experimentation to continue to develop and widen the boundaries of fibre art, creating original surfaces and Expressing our individual ideas and feelings in the process.