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Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The heat is on for sure and the temperature is nearing the 40's - whew! The notices and supplies lists have gone out to the students enrolled in the CREATING FABRICS WITH DYES AND PIGMENTS Course starting August 6th at St. Lawrence College. With 12 students already registered - we are happily collecting supplies, fabrics and some great colour family choices for dye work for three long, terrific summer days. The first day will be colour wheel brights, with the opportunity to dip into the colour baths of dyes and mix your own palettes to work with. The second day will be a more subtle batch of dye colours with over-dye possibilities. The second day will also involve SHIBORI work - with lots of pre-stitched fabrics and pole wraps being coloured!

Day three is open to each students personal choices/needs and can certainly involve custom dye baths being mixed, parfait layering for mottled gradations, and dyeing of threads for embroidery and machine bobbin stitching. Some of the students are returning course participants, while others are totally new to the course, and dyeing. Lots of individual attention and plenty of great information shared in the 100+ page workbook/note book prepared by the Instructor will keep the students on their game and making notes for further adventures with dyeing original fabrics.

Hoping that some of the students will bring clothing to dye,odd bits and pieces of vintage textiles (I love to hand dye beautiful old linens and tablecloths for future projects). So much fun to watch the many individual projects and batches of colourful fabrics evolve as the weekend days pass by.

If you haven't registered for the course, please consider it - there is plenty of time to get into the course and you just need to email me and let me know you are coming at garner@Kingston.net and ask for the supplies list.

The college registration number is 613-544-5400, ext. 60 or register online at Part-time Studies, Kingston Campus, http://www.SL.on.ca - click on Creative Arts, Textile Design, Creating Fabrics with Dyes and Pigments. Hope to see many of you in the classroom.