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Committed to supporting the use of fibre as an art form, the blogs you visit here are links to happenings around Ontario and beyond. Use the links to your best advantage and make ART!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Join in the FUN at St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus, 4 evenings, November 5 - 26th!

Fabric painting, collage and assembly. Hand and machine stitch

 Innovation Studio 2: Find Your Creative Edge....  

As you learn a multitude of creative techniques for combining paint and collage, your focus will be on the back-and-forth play of spontaneity and intention that characterizes the creative process.

Learn to trust your inner art “voice” while exploring color and composition; free your artistic skills by facing your inner critic; and find your creative edge by pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. 

In these four evenings in the classroom working with print, creative collage with a variety of playful objects and painting we offer you: a greater confidence in your expressive capabilities; new skills and techniques for creating art that is your own; the courage to break through creative blocks; and a set of practices for keeping your creative skills honed. 

While experienced artists will benefit from this workshop, beginners are very welcome. The techniques involved are accessible, and everyone can work at their own level. 

Register at Student Services, St. Lawrence College, 613-544-5400, ext. 60

or online at www.SL.on.ca here

(Click on Part Time Studies, Kingston Campus, Arts, Fibre... )

Hope you will join me for four fun-filled Wednesday evenings where you will be able to create all new work on paper, canvas, fabric or another choice of medium YOU enjoy. Use this opportunity to be among friends and enjoying using our large and bright classroom to PAINT, PRINT and COLLAGE in anticipation of holiday gifting, upcoming exhibitions or just for fun!

Information: Bethany Garner, Instructor  textiledesignslc@gmail.com

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I entered the PRINTED FABRIC BEE Challenge, INSPIRATIONAL WORDS Giveaway and WON these beautiful pieces of art cloth!

How excited can one art quilter be than to have the chance to collect small pieces of amazing and wonderful art from some of the worlds most talented print enthusiasts and artists!
I entered the September Giveaway, and was very pleased when Lynda Heines emailed to say I had won! Hooray and I am blessed. 2014 has been a great year for collecting art.
(below notification from Lynda's blog here)

Inspirational Words Set Winner

Congratulations to Bethany Garner of Canada who is the lucky winner of this Inspirational Words set of fabric from The Printed Fabric Bee. Bethany said she has following our group since we started almost a year ago. I can hardly believe it's been a year! Time sure does fly.

Here are all but three of the pieces Bethany will be receiving soon. She'll also receive a little surprise from me. 
And my thanks...
(Lynda sent me a wonderful set of two terrific stencils for printing text with her inspirational words first included: PLAY, CREATE, LAUGH, DREAM, BELIEVE, and second stencil included: LOVE, GIVE, TRUST, DAYDREAM, and IMAGINE.) They will be used with great JOY... thanks so very much Lynda.
This has been an amazing way to connect with the artists in this Giveaway and I encourage each of you to connect with them as well... here is the link to the new October Giveaway (and YOUR chance to win a set of fabrics)...
Needless to say, 2014 has been an amazing year for collecting fabric from friends across the art quilt and print world. Earlier this year I collected pieces from a challenge proposed by VIRGINIA SPIEGEL... the JAVA Challenge in support of Lynn Krawczyk's new book "Intentional Printing".
Those pieces along with the new PRINTED FABRIC BEE prints that arrived in my mailbox today will be the basis for a wall art collection for my home studio. Each piece will be framed on a wrapped canvas and hung in the studio to remind me of the amazing world of fibre art and the many friends we are blessed to have if we put ourselves out there!!!
Again HOORAY and thanks to the Printed Fabric Bee Artists: Lesley Riley, Lisa Chin, Leslie Tucker Jenison, Carol Eaton, Lynn Krawczyk, Susan Purney Mark, Jackie Lams, Carol Booth and Gerrie Congdon with so many thanks to Lynda Heines for her many emails and mailing the package!!
THANK YOU - I am thrilled and honored to have your work in my collection.