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Thursday, January 8, 2015

TEXTILE DESIGN Program at St. Lawrence College starts next Thursday, January 15th until April 2, 2015... Come Play!

Free Form Pieced by Bethany Garer
When I hear that a class has been OK'd as a "go" with the college, the excitement and the work begins... I love to have students and friends in the classroom, and have the opportunity to see the stash fabrics come out from the closets and from under the beds.

This term we are focused on 
COLOUR - The Quilt Artist's Way

* We will start with some sketch book exercises
* Some great videos from the best teachers to inspire us as we work through some paint exercises
* We will dye threads and bits of fabrics (nothing too wild as I for one do not want to carry loads of supplies into the college in bad weather
* We will complete some exercises with Japanese BORO Textiles as the inspiration - so if you are attending the course - start scoping out the websites and library books you can find about BORO cloth
* I have new COLOUR HUE DYES to experiment with for silk fabrics
* We will have an evening of Marbling fabrics later as spring approaches with PEBEO Marbling paints
* YOU will be working on one, great colourful project to submit for your course grade at the end of the 12 weeks.

SO, now that you know what we will be working on... just register and come play! There are seats available... WE HAVE STUDENTS and class starts next Thursday, Room 00060 in lower level Green Wing - 6-9 pm.

Register at www.SL.on.ca, Part Time Studies, ARTS 109...Hope to see you here.

Bethany Garner
Professor, Textile Design