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Friday, November 7, 2014

May this month be filled with the joy of making and really looking into and loving the art forms you choose as your own...

from Joann Sharpe's free form Lettering, as posted by Cherie Haas,
Online Editor to Cloth Paper Scissors Today Nov. 7, 2014

Just a reminder as you go into this slower and more stitch focused season of shorter days and LONG evenings for stitching and paint/dye/print 'making' to take your thoughts, talents and joy each day to the place in your life where you develop new ideas and take the studio focused action that all new, original work requires.
For me... it's taking weaving lessons and learning to bring the new "Fanny" floor loom (actually 14 years old) in my studio become a useful and enjoyable tool for all new art cloth.
Make ART be the focus ... visit exhibitions, shops, sales and meetings of your favourite groups/Guilds - all abundant in this month of November. Take time to visit websites/blogs of the artist friends you love and include them in your lives. Take a friend along on a day trip to see art, and be sure to say THANK YOU to someone who has been an inspiration to you or helped you out along the way.