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Thursday, September 11, 2014

FALL TERM COURSES START NEXT WEEK... will you be joining us???

ST. LAWRENCE COLLEGE - Kingston Campus

TEXTILE ART: History, Diversity and TECHNIQUES
Fall Term 2014, St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus  6-9 pm
Thursday evenings, September 18- December 4, 2014, Room 00060
BORO Textile, Japan 1909

SIX SEATS ARE FILLED - we need 10 to run this course... 
So you see the Course title and think “Oh, no… a canned and dry history course”. ABSOLUTELY NOT! This 12-week independent study course is all about finding a focus for your new work in textile art.
Do you love the BORO Textiles created from found materials in Japan at the start of the 20th Century? The hugely diverse and colourful Indonesian hand stitched embroideries and woven foundation cloth? Have you studied the textile history of the countries your family originated from before immigrating to Canada? The world of textile is rich in history and this course will take you on a bit of a world tour decided by the student body as they join in at class each week. A 12 week world tour as we share personal ties to textiles we love and play with many diverse techniques in class! And, a “stash busting” opportunity for you.
Printmaking from Gell Plate, Netherlands 2009
Yes, there will be one great project required from each student! Your choice… and lots of experimentation with colouring cloth, threads and developing a modern take on laying stitch to cloth. Plan to be a part of the classroom fun, making new friends as you join our community of lovers of all things CLOTH! Hope to see returning students and many new to textile in the classroom this fall – traditions to love, passed along.

 ALSO in the line-up:

 Innovation Studio 1: Collage and the Monoprint   In this course, you will discover a whole new world of artistic possibility when you combine collage layering and monoprinting (the art of lifting original design using a gel plate) paint techniques! Layer your personal color palettes, patterns, and images to create richly textured works of art on paper and fabric. We will use two of the most versatile types of printing plates – gel plates and scratch foam – and ink them up with ordinary acrylic paints to create extraordinary art! The result will be a beautiful collection of fabrics and papers to use in your art quilt projects. Beginners are most welcome.

GENI 123 - Wednesday evenings Sept. 24- October 15th - 6-9 pm
Details here


 Innovation Studio 2: Find Your Creative Edge  

As you learn a multitude of creative techniques for combining paint and collage, your focus will be on the back-and-forth play of spontaneity and intention that characterizes the creative process. Learn to trust your inner art “voice” while exploring color and composition; free your artistic skills by facing your inner critic; and find your creative edge by pushing the boundaries of your comfort zone. In these four evenings in the classroom working with print, creative collage with a variety of playful objects and painting we offer you: a greater confidence in your expressive capabilities; new skills and techniques for creating art that is your own; the courage to break through creative blocks; and a set of practices for keeping your creative skills honed. While experienced artists will benefit from this workshop, beginners are very welcome. The techniques involved are accessible, and everyone can work at their own level. 

GENI 124 - Wednesday evenings November 5-26th - 6- 9 pm
Details here

REGISTER by phone at 613-544-5400, ext 60 or online at www.SL.on.ca

Bethany Garner, Instructor textiledesignslc@gmail.com or garner@kingston.net

Instructor Biography:
Bethany Garner is a working Textile Artist and long term Instructor in the Textile Design Program at St. Lawrence College. With over 20 years of experience in the painting, dyeing and direct application of fabric embellishment/stitch, Bethany will guide the students to a new and confident start on their own studio based work to create contemporary textiles with an original and focused Fibre Art Foundation.