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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

TINA BARNES shares new work in her June 2014 Solo Exhibition - 8 x 8 x 52 at Window Art Gallery

When an artist makes a serious commitment to create a finished piece of art once a week for 52 consecutive weeks in one year, we all have to take notice. This is one artist that can certainly make great art and is sharing!
Area friend to many on this list and Kingston Fibre Artists Group member, CHRISTINA BARNES, did just that! To celebrate her 52nd birthday, Tina vowed to keep her commitment and purchased 52+ canvases from Wallack's and got started. Each week she experimented with a technique she was familiar with, or experimented, finding many new ways to express her art in a focused, small piece that was mounted to the canvas. Each piece is different and beautifully executed.
In celebration of the completion of the project, Tina extends an invitation to friends and area arts enthusiasts to visit her Solo Exhibition between June 18-29th at the WINDOW ART GALLERY in Kingston. Please plan to visit the Exhibition during the Opening Reception and meet the artist.
Congratulations Tina, enjoy the celebration of your journey and seeing the work all together for the first time for everyone to enjoy!
8 x 8 x 52 by Tina Barnes
June 18-29, 2014
647A Princess St. at Victoria St.
Kingston, ON
June 22, 2014   1-4 pm