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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

JAVA Challenge launched in support of INTENTIONAL PRINTING by Lynn Krawczyk

Five Pieves of 6" art created by Bethany Garner, April 2014
I just had the most fun working through a JAVA Challenge that was proposed by Virginia Spiegel in support of friend and amazing Textile Artist, Author, Instructor and Thermofax Screen developer, LYNN KRAWCZYK. This opportunity to join other fibre enthusiasts from around the world was truly a lot of fun and yes, a little challenging, but I would certainly play with this type of Textile Art Challenge again for sure! 

You can read about the JAVA Challenge here:

and at Virginis's blog posting here:   http://www.virginiaspiegel.com/blog/archives/9309

JAVA ART by Maggie Hannigan McDonald
The Challenge was introduced on Virginia's Blog in early April.... and 24 enthusiastic artists including Maggie McDonald from Ajax, ON joined in on the fun. I signed up right away as the Challenge theme was one I would love, and I have a brand new paint job in my kitchen, just begging for a focus piece of art... so creating a series of small art pieces devoted to COFFEE/JAVA was a perfect idea for the long wall needing some art! 

We were required to work within the 6" size restriction and use the image of the coffee cup that Lynn has in her book, Intentional Printing. YOu could order the Thermofax Screen from Lynn in Michigan, or create a stencil or a stamp yourself or simply copy and paint the cup. You had to complete the work by May 2nd, and mail Virginia a photo of your completed work along with your copy of Lynn's book. Added stitch was encouraged, but not required and the pieces could have unfinished edges or be completely finished - your choice.

I finished my little pieces just before the deadline of May 2nd and mailed off my photo above, proving that the art was done and ready to be mailed to my "randomly chosen" artist friends once the draw was held by Virginia using her magic "selection tool"...

Parcels from me will be heading to five artists in the USA and I will be receiving art from five artists including Sally Wescott from Australia, and American Artists Gisela Towner (who is getting one of my pieces), Gordana Vukovic, Liz Berg and (Hooray) one from Maggie Hannigan, a friend and Ontario artist! Lucky me... can't wait to see what ends up in MY mailbox in the next couple of weeks.

I am really pleased to have been able have the time this spring after retirement to play along with Projects like this one. Maybe YOU will have a great idea for a Challenge and let me know - hey, I might just play along!