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Monday, January 13, 2014

January 15th - AQS Fundraiser launches - hope you will join in the race to RESEARCH.

Dust off your virtual running shoes for the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer!

A Fundraiser for the American Cancer SocietyOpens January 15, 2014.
Drawings for fiber-related prizes will be held throughout the event
including when the 1K ($1000), 2K ($2000), etc. marks are reached as well as
a Grand Prize drawing when the Finish Line ($5000) is reached.

Details about the Fiber 5K to Fight Cancer:

A Message from Bethany:
I know may of you have ties to family members and friends in the United States, and many more have benefitted from the research services of the American Cancer Society and the breakthroughs in cancer services that have or will be a part of your lives now or in the future. As someone who has had a recent battle with cancer, albeit a less serious form than many of my friends and family, I do support ACS annually in memory of my parents, quilting award winning Grandmother and my older sister, a Breast Cancer victim.
Have a peek at the website for Virginia Speigel's FIBRE 5K... you will recognize many big name quilters and fibre artists who have contributed to the prizes in the annual AQS fundraiser. If you feel that you can participate,  just make a minimum donation of $20, but any size up to $25 will be entered in all eligible drawings one time. 
If you are able to donate at least $25, you will be entered in all drawings after your donation twice. Donate at least $50 and be entered three times, $75 = 4 entries, and so on in increments of $25. There are also special challenges to encourage you to donate a bit more if it is possible.
I love the new line of fabrics from Jamie Fingal that will be a part of the draw offerings from sponsors, a new line from Hoffman Fabrics. Below are the two pieces that Jamie has donated. Those of you who follow the Quiltart.com online list of friends with lots of fibre related advice for us each day will recognize Jamie and her award winning work. So many more opportunities to share your love for fibre and textile art are here for you as you share a little bit with those in need of the very special care only cancer research can ensure.
Thanks so much for considering support for the FIBRE 5K fundraiser....

Don't you love the colours...at least eight fat quarters in the bundle.

Jamie is famous for her cute quilts that have travel trailers - and this one, "Road Trip,  is made completely with her new line of fabrics.