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Thursday, December 12, 2013

CATARAQUI GUILD OF NEEDLE ARTS meets first and third Mondays at Edith Rankin Church

If you are a stitcher and looking for the opportunity to make some new friends or have time with others who share your passion for the threaded needle, please consider a visit to the CATARAQUI GUILD OF NEEDLE ARTS (Embroidery Guild) meetings at Edith Rankin Church. 

The Guild enjoys a lovely, light filled church hall meeting room, with lost of natural light and a super friendly membership of stitchers from every age group, special interests and individual passions.  Members gain so much from learning the new (and OLD) embroidery stitch traditions we love as Canadians that link us to the Royal School of Embroidery. Each meeting morning is devoted to what we like to call "Learn a Stitch", with members who volunteer to share with the group a special stitch they are fond of, and everyone works on a sampler of practice stitches. Some are very popular and members take off in their own direction to create more complex new work using their particular Favourites.

There are lovely coffee breaks each meeting with treats supplied by volunteers, a bountiful Library and  after lunch, members who can stay for the afternoon take part in a variety of classes that are SO reasonable and lead by members who have developed projects that are intended to yield a finished piece of stitch work, ready for framing or display at future group events and in the homes of the proud and very practiced stitchers by the end if each class. Some recent classes included a study of shading with thread and stitches lead by Theresa Lawrence, a beautiful hand stitched "cat" project that includes many beautiful stitch patterns lead by Linda Burke, a stunning pulled thread "Leaves" project. The group enjoys an occasional workshop on meeting day, with the most recent being a one day Landscape focused wet felting workshop with Andrea Graham... and what amazing results!

Meetings also lead to other adventures with stitch and a recent two day workshop with Ottawa based Embroiderer/Designer MARGARET VANT ERVE yielded many amazing "Picket Fence" pieces made by members that will be finished and readied for display at next year's NEEDLE ARTS FAIR, a wonderful vendors market and display hosted by the Guild each fall.

Our members are also EAC (Embroidery Association of Canada) members which affords us the opportunity to participate with members across Canada and perhaps travel to attend the Annual EAC Seminar... and in 2014 to be in Ottawa.

Next meeting is Monday December 16th, with a great sale of excess books from the Guild Library and donations from members... and a Potluck Luncheon. After lunch, a the group welcomes the local "Group of Five" Fibre Artist who will share the story of their 12" x 12" art pieces created with a "word" theme for inspiration.

Come enjoy the fun! Visit the Guild website at http://quiltskingston.org/cgna/