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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Local INNOVATIVE THREADS GROUP (evenings) to meet on second Mondays at St. John's Church

At a meeting of the local Kingston INNOVATIVE THREADS GROUP last evening, November 11th, the members in attendance agreed that meetings will continue on the second Monday of each month through June 2014. Meetings are now moved to ST. JOHN'S CHURCH HALL from St. Lawrence College as agreed by the members attending the Nov. 11th meeting. The church offers a safe and centrally located place to meet that is a good solution for members as agreed. The goal is to have as many local, threads and stitch interested members/guests out to meetings as possible...won't YOU join the group and enjoy some networking time?
Membership/attendance is open to everyone and YOU are most welcome and invited to join the group members for evenings of social fun, sharing of new work and an opportunity to chat, learn from one another and enjoy each others company. The next meeting is December 9th at 6:30 pm.

A vote was taken of members in attendance on Nov. 11th, and a donation of $20 per person for the yearly "dues" for the group was established. The dollars collected from all regular members are to be donated in full to the St. John's Church as a thank you for offering us the meeting space each month.
Meetings may be in the lower Church Hall or alternatively in a Sunday School classroom if Church activities take precedence. Entry will be through "side door" at 6:30ish pm...unless the main front doors of the church are open. Parking is along Church Street or at the end near sports field.
December 9th, 2013
Those attending the evening should bring a treat to share and Holiday Smiles.
There will be a DEMO by Diane Hogan on her use of "WASP NEST" "fabric" in new work.
January 14th, 2014
 Lee Goodchild will share a demo of Long and Short Embroidery Stitch (or her favourite variation). You will b advised about supplies in December if required (fabric, needles, floss, scissors etc)
Volunteers to demo or share a technique they love are always welcome. There is not a FORMAL program. The ITK group does have an extensive library to share with members.  (Soon a library box will be chosen, and location of the group's books will be at the Church if all goes as planned)
Please plan to join members in ITK if you have time and would like a great opportunity to network with like minded fibre friends. Meetings start at 6:30 and may be cancelled in case of inclement weather.
ITK Day Group meetings continue at the St. John's Church Hall on the fourth Tuesday from 10:30 - 3 pm...and you are welcome at either or both groups. The "dues/donation" from the evening group mentioned above do not apply to the day group which may have their own membership policies re:  monetary donations. 

Please contact Donna Hamilton at Hamilton@queensu.ca for details or with questions. Donna belongs to both groups and maintains the email/contacts list of members.  (Donna can add you to the email list of notifications if you ask.)