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Saturday, January 14, 2012

COLOUR THEORY Course starts at St. Lawrence College Thursday, January 19th

The Winter Term " Colour the Quilt Artist's Way" Course at St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus begins January 19th and runs through April 5th. The Colour course is one of the ten required for the Textile Design Diploma in the College's Fine Arts Program. Students will explore all aspects of colur using the basics as a guideline and taking their all new work in so many directions, including use of fibre, threads and paint/dye.

We welcome students of all levels of experience to join in on the fun and come explore COLOUR, beautiful, joyous colour in all of it's many aspects with the students who have registered so far. At last count 11 students were on board and we love to have a classroom filled with exciting new projects underway in this Winter Term Course. Registration is open online at www.SL.ca or at the College Student Services Office at 613-544-5400, ext. 60 Monday through Friday each week.

The course will include many aspects of colour study including the Colour Wheel basics using both fabric and paints. We will dye and paint threads to be used in various small projects. There will be postcards and small collage works created, along with some covers for the most popular high-tech devices like Kindles, iPods and iPads. Some students will want to get started on projects for their submissions to local art exhibits and some will be finishing quilts for the great Quilts Kingston 2012 Show scheduled for early June. Mark Making and the art of the hand made stitch will be a focus for this term as well, and those who love their machines are encouraged to add highlights and hits of colour to each project taking colour in threads as far as they can imagine.

If you have loved playing with COLOUR in your work, and/or have a bit of fear when it comes to the many aspects of colourplay including coordinating colour palettes, transparency, harmonies and the amazing values of colour used in the fibre pieces you so admire, then come and put your imagination and talent to work in this 12-week course. We start at 6:30 pm January 19th - Hope to see YOU there.

Contact Instructor, Bethany Garner, for more details. garner@kingston.net