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Saturday, July 2, 2011

And now it begins - Welcome to all Fibre Arts Enthusiasts

July is a great month to rest,reflect and start new projects. The days are longer and the hours seem to stretch on to allow for new tasks and playing catch up on those that have been languishing in the "to do pile. Just like stitching projects, blogging can be a fun and worthwhile project, or another burden on the blog manager. I hope to tackle this new venture with enthusiasm and keep the news flowing out to each of you often.

Tonight I am launching this blog to invite friends in the Fibre Arts to join me in keeping those interested in the Fibre Arts advised of area news, upcoming events and bits of information that might be of interest to network members as we navigate this very busy and interesting pass time, the Fibre Arts.

Many of us belong to local and distant groups and networks, but do not have a regular place to check back to make sure we are up to date on the news and happenings nearby. Come back often and see what is happening in and around Central Ontario. Drop me a line by email and let me know what is news in your area and I will be pleased to share the information for you.

Hoping your summer 2011 is filled with great places to visit, lots of fun with great friends and many hours of stitch time.